Easy mechanism to reach finality

BSecured works on three major steps Upload - Generate - Verify

It takes few minutes to learn and understand BSecured workflow built on the most advanced technology of trust – Blockchain, smooth workflow for unbreakable results.

Generation Process

  • Upload Data

    Upload information/data/image on BSecured platform.

  • Embed QR Code

    Embed a QR Code with a unique hash value which holds string of information and pushed to BlockChain network .

  • Scan QR Code

    Customers can scan the QR Code to verify the authenticity of the product/documents.

BSecured EcoSystem Validation Process

  • Scan QR Code​

    Scan the QR Code with any QR scanner app available, camera app of iPhone, some of the smart phones which have inbuilt feature to scan can be used.

  • Validation​​

    The QR code contains a link to global verification engine for that specific document, it authenticates the hash on the BlockChain and displays the content. ​​

  • Cross Verification​​

    User can cross check details displayed in the verification summary page.