Unfolding the future of Identity cards with Blockchain

Where trust is encrypted and privacy is paramount, ensuring digital & physical identities remain sovereign and secure.

ID cards play a crucial role in security for various organizations and institutions. They serve as a tangible representation of a person’s identity and help establish trust and accountability.

BSecured has developed a unique solution to secure ID Cards using BlockChain Technology, in this process it embeds a BlockChain secured QR code on IDs with a unique hash inside it, hash holds a string of  information like cardholder’s name, ID number, photo, and expiration date etc. Verifier can scan the QR Code on ID card to verify the authenticity of ID Card.

Key Benefits

ID cards using BlockChain QR codes combine the benefits of traditional identification cards with the security and transparency of BlockChain technology. This innovative approach offers several advantages over conventional ID card systems. Here’s how ID cards using BlockChain QR codes work:

Identity Verfication

Each individual is issued a unique ID card containing personal information, such as name, photo, date of birth, and other relevant details. These details are stored securely on the BlockChain network.

QR Code Integration

The ID card contains a QR code that serves as a link to the individual's BlockChain-based identity. When the QR code is scanned, it accesses the relevant information from the BlockChain

Immutable Record

Any updates or changes to the individual's identity, such as renewals or new credentials, are recorded on the BlockChain as new transactions. This creates an immutable history of the identity, making it easy to track changes over time.


The use of BlockChain ensures that there is no central point of failure or control. The distributed nature of the technology adds an extra layer of security against data breaches or hacks.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Utilizing QR code ID cards on the Blockchain streamlines administrative tasks by reducing manual verification and data entry. Authorized parties can easily scan the QR code for quick access to essential information.

Blockchain storage

Instead of relying on a centralized database, the personal information and credentials are stored on a decentralized BlockChain. This ensures that the data is tamper-proof and cannot be altered without proper authorization.

Privacy and Security

Blockchain-stored personal data can be controlled using cryptographic methods. Users may grant specific entities access to certain identity parts, boosting privacy and reducing unauthorized access risk.

Anti-counterfeiting Measures

The combination of QR codes and BlockChain makes it difficult to counterfeit or duplicate ID cards. Each card is uniquely linked to its owner's identity on the BlockChain, ensuring authenticity.


BlockChain-based ID cards can be easily integrated into various systems and services. For example, they can be used for authentication purposes, access control, and identity verification across different industries and platforms.

User Empowerment

Individuals have more control over their identities and can manage who has access to their personal information. This puts users in charge of their data and enhances trust in the system.
ID cards secured on BSecured platform has the potential to revolutionize how identity verification and authentication are handled, increasing security and privacy in various applications.

Potentials Industries

Below are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from BlockChain-based secure ID cards. The versatility and security provided by BlockChain technology make it applicable to various sectors where identity verification and data protection are critical concerns.