Bonds us to the truth behind each label

The impenetrable shield fortifying labels with unshakable trust and traceability.

Customer always look at the label on the product before taking decision to purchase product or not. The label contains essential details about the product, including its name, brand, ingredients or materials used, manufacturing date, expiration date, usage instructions, safety warnings, and other relevant information. Indirectly manufacturer along with the product also need to secure labels supposed to stick on products. Labels play an integral role in the overall product experience and the relationship between consumers and manufacturers.

Understanding the importance of a label on a product and to secure it from counterfeiting BSecured has a solution called LABEL SECURE.

Key Benefits

Using LABEL SECURE – BlockChain secured QR codes on labels offers several significant benefits, revolutionizing traditional label systems and enhancing product security, transparency, and trust. Here are the key advantages of incorporating LABEL SECURE – BlockChain QR codes on labels:

Product Authenticity Verification

Blockchain QR codes verify product authenticity by granting access to its record, including origin, manufacturing, and supply chain details. Prevents counterfeit goods, assures quality for consumers.

Enhanced Supply Chain Traceability

Blockchain QR codes ensure supply chain traceability from raw materials to consumers, promoting transparency and accountability. Swiftly address recalls, defects, and delays with recorded product journey.

Data Privacy and Control

BlockChain QR codes empower consumers to manage personal information access. They selectively share data with manufacturers or retailers, safeguarding privacy and granting greater control over their information.

Consumer Engagement and Trust

Through BlockChain QR codes, consumers directly engage with brands, verifying product details and building trust in authenticity and quality, enhancing confidence in their purchases.


BlockChain QR codes can be integrated with existing systems and technologies, making it easy for brands to adopt the technology without significant infrastructure changes.

Immutable Product Information

The data stored on BlockChain remains immutable and tamper-proof, leaving traces of any alteration or deletion. Consumers confidently rely on QR code information for its accuracy and reliability

Fraud Prevention

BlockChain QR codes offer robust security against fraud and counterfeiting. The decentralized nature of BlockChain technology and the cryptographic algorithms used to secure the data make it highly resistant to unauthorized modifications or access.

Real-Time Product Information Updates

Real-time updates on BlockChain for product information provide consumers with accurate and current details, like ingredient changes, certifications, and safety warnings, ensuring access to the latest information.

Efficient Recall Management

In case of product recalls or safety concerns, BlockChain QR codes can expedite the recall process. Brands can quickly identify affected products in the supply chain and notify consumers about the necessary actions to take.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

BlockChain QR codes enable brands to showcase sustainability and ethical practices. Consumers can validate eco-friendly certifications or fair trade origins, encouraging responsible and conscious consumer decisions.
By combining the benefits of BlockChain technology and the convenience of QR codes, BlockChain QR codes on labels significantly improve product security, supply chain efficiency, and consumer trust, making them an essential tool for various industries looking to enhance their products' transparency and authenticity.

Potentials Industries

Below industries can harness the power of LABEL SECURE to provide consumers with verified and transparent information about the products they purchase.